Sofa Seat Comfort

All our sofas and sectional sofas have ergonomic seating designs that provide optimum seating comfort for most people based on their unique sitting preferences.

Read on to discover how we made this possible and also find your ideal sofa that best fits your sitting preferences.

Key Factors to Consider For Sofa Comfort

Factors to Consider

Four key factors combine to determine the seat comfort.

  • Seat firmness
  • Back height
  • Seat depth
  • Seat height

Seat firmness relates to how soft or firm the sofa feels when we sit on it whilst back height, seat depth and seat height greatly impacts on seat comfort based on our sitting posture.

We label these clearly for all our sofas to assist you with finding the sofa that offers you maximum comfort.

As seat comfort differs across different people, we show these factors in terms of highs and lows within a fixed range instead of absolute comfort (see illustration).

Read on to understand what these measurements imply when you are assessing a sofa for comfort.

Illustration of Seat Comfort Detail Provided

Sample seat comfort illustration

Seat Firmness Guidelines

How we determine the seat firmness for our sofas?

Foam firmness are measured by indentation force deflection ("IFD"), we also use this to measure the firmness of our sofa seats.

IFD represents the force required to indent a foam sample by 25% of its original height when force is applied to a 50 inch squared surface area. For sofas, a 30 - 40 IFD denotes medium firmness.

For seat cushions, we control the seat firmness by adjusting the mixture of multi-layer foams. For example, if we want a softer seat, we use a thicker layer of foams that are softer.

Do note that the softness of the seats is not directly related to the seats' durability. This is decided by foam density. For both soft foams and firm foams, we use foams with density greater than 45kg/cbm. This ensures the durability of our seats regardless of whether they are soft or firm.

Multipler Layer Foam Illustration

3 layer high density foam cushion illustration

Our Sofa Collections Classifications Based on Seat Firmness

For seat comfort, our range of sofas have IFDs between 25 - 45. We do not offer sofas with seat firmness that are either too soft or too hard as we believe that it is uncomfortable either way. Categorization of our sofa collections in terms of seat firmness are as follow:

Seat Dimension Guidelines

Relationship of Seat Dimensions to Sitting Posture

Aside from the seat firmness, dimensions for back height, seat height and seat depth determine how comfortable it is to sit upright or lounge and relax on the sofa.

In general, the following configurations work well depending on the desired posture you want to take on your sofa:

  • More formal, upright posture with feet placed on the ground: higher back height and seat height, lower seat depth
  • More relaxed and lounging posture: deeper seat depth, lower seat height and back height

Sitting Posture Illustration

Sample sitting posture illustration

Sofa Collections Classifications Based on Sitting Posture

We see the homes as a place for relaxation. Thus, all of our sofas can support the relaxed and lounging posture with some collections also comfortable for the sitting upright posture. Key breakdowns by posture as below:

Summary of Sofa Collections Based on Sitting Preferences

We hope that you can now make a more informed decision based on the seat comfort information that we provide for all our sofas. To help you better navigate our sofa collections by seat firmness and sitting posture preferences, kindly refer to our categorizations below:

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  • high quality polyester blend fabrics used for our sofas


    >15,000 rub counts for all our fabric

  • top grain cow leather used for our sofas


    Top grain cow leather with tight fiber weave

  • sofa cushion made from high density foams


    >45kg/cbm high density foam used in cushions

  • solid wood sofa frame enhanced with corner blocks


    Solid larch wood used for key stress areas

  • sofa suspension with zigzag spring and webbing


    5mm thick carbon steel zigzag springs

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