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Calm Full Leather Sofa

Calm Full Leather Sofa

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Colour: White
Width: 180cm - 2 seater

Customize the Width

Need to reduce 180cm sofa width slightly for fit?

Choose your desired width from the options below.

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Sofa Details

Key features such as armrest thickness, cushion height, seat depth and sofa leg height for Calm Full Leather Sofa

Seat Comfort

Details the key information pertaining to seat comfort such as seat firmness, seat depth, seat height, back height, cushion thickness and material used for cushions

Sofa Dimensions

Details the key dimensions in terms of overall width, overall depth and seat width for Calm Full Leather Sofa

Home Inspirations

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Calm 180cm Brown Full Leather Sofa

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Calm 180cm White Full Leather Sofa

Calm 190cm Brown (Lucas 826) Half Leather Sofa | Nov 23

Calm 190cm Brown Half Leather Sofa

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Calm 260cm White Half Leather Sofa



Overall: W 180cm x D 95cm x H 83cm

Seat width: 130cm

Seat depth: 53cm

Seat height: 40cm

Backrest height: 43cm

Armrest width: 25cm

Armrest height: 61cm

Leg height: 15cm

Packaging: W 186cm x D 96cm x H 74cm (1 package)

Check for Fit

Prior to purchase, please check the following dimensions to ensure a smooth delivery and assembly process:

  • Overall: Able to fit in the desired space you have in mind
  • Packaging: Able to fit through the lifts, corridors and doors to get to the assembly location


Leather: Top grain cow leather, white

Seat cushions: 45kg/cbm high density foam, high resiliency foam

Back cushions: Polyester fibre

Cushion cover: Removable back cushion cover, non removable seat cushion cover

Pillows provided: n/a

Suspension: Carbon steel zigzag spring and webbing

Sofa leg: Black plating carbon steel


If defects happen within the warranty period, we offer free like for like replacements.

Warranties coverage:

  • Frame, cushion foams and springs: 5 years
  • Soft furnishing components such as leather, fibre fillings, down feather fillings and stitching: 1 year

Please visit our warranties page for fuller details on the claim process, what is covered and what is not covered under warranty.

Leather Inspection

Calm full leather sofa swatch close up view

CKT Leather Inspection Results:

  • Colour fastness resistance under 500 dry rubs and 250 web rubs: 4/5
  • Trace of harmful colourants: none detected
  • Leather odour: 2/5

Leather is able to last for 5 years under regular use with slight discolouration expected overtime.

Caring for Your Leather Sofa

Although leather is better at preventing stains, it still needs to cleaned and conditioned regularly.

Things to take note during everyday use:

  • Avoid sharp or abrasive objects such as belt buckets, rings and zippers from coming in direct contact with the sofa
  • Ink stains from pens and other objects must be attended to immediately to prevent them from becoming permanent
  • Do not use alcohol, chemicals or detergents as these can cause discolouration of the sofa
  • Minimize pet's contact with your furniture as oils and dirts from fur can cause discolouration
  • Avoid prolonged contact with the sun as sunlight can also lead to leather discolouration

Cleaning requirements

  • Dusting or vacuuming weekly to remove loose particles
  • Apply leather conditioner every 6 - 12 months


Explore the type of customizations available for Calm Full Leather Sofa or check out our existing sofa creations for inspirations.

Reach out to us to discuss about potential customizations you would like for your sofa.

Available Customizations

  • Width

    Sofa Width

    Customizable to any width between 180cm - 300cm

  • Colour & Texture

    Sofa Colour & Texture

    Choose from our offerings or show us the desired colour & texture

  • Metal Leg Height

    Sofa Metal Leg Height

    Free to change to lower (12cm) or higher (18cm) sofa legs

  • Back Cushion Gaps

    Sofa Back Cushion Gaps

    Choice of smaller or larger gaps between back cushions

Crafted Inspirations

  • Calm 180cm White (Remy 571) Full Leather Sofa Jamus | Nov 23

    Width: 180cm

    Colour: White

    Other customizations: N/A

  • Calm 190cm Brown (Lucas 826) Half Leather Sofa | Nov 23

    Width: 190cm (customized)

    Colour: Brown

    Other customizations: N/A

  • Calm 190cm Beige (Remy 527) Half Leather Sofa Kathleen | Jan 24

    Width: 190cm (customized)

    Colour: Beige (customized)

    Other customizations: N/A

  • Calm 200cm Brown Full Leather Sofa | Sep 23

    Width: 200cm

    Colour: Brown

    Other customizations: N/A

  • Calm 210cm Grey Half Leather Sofa Ms Yung | Apr 24

    Width: 210cm (customized)

    Colour: Grey

    Other customizations: N/A

  • Calm 260cm White (Remy 571) Half Leather Sofa, Miza | Feb 24

    Width: 260cm (customized)

    Colour: White

    Other customizations: Back cushions with smaller gaps

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Great service to address my concerns

I was googling on custom made leather sofa and I come across Cozylant. At first I was skeptical as my previous custom made leather sofa less than a year tore and found out it was not genuine.
I spoke to Amber from Cozylant and share my concerns and what is my expectation. She assured me that I won't be disappointed with her service. She shows me few sample of customers who purchase same sofa as me. Amber customer service level is beyond my expectation and she is not pushy. She kept me updated on my orders.
Boyi and his team came to deliver our sofa. Very friendly and professional people. Boyi gave us some advice how to take good care of our leather. I'm happy with my sofa quality and it looks timeless.

Jamus Lim
Affordable and high quality

Best affordable, yet high-quality, leather couches I was able to find in Singapore, with an understated, classic design. Excellent service, from ordering through delivery. Responsive to queries, with great follow-up.

Carl Yeo
Exceptional quality

The leather is really soft and comfy.

We just love sitting on the sofa. 220cm is able for me to use as daybed as well by placing the back cushion at a slanted position at the armrest area.

Susan Ho
Calm Full Leather Sofa

We got our Calm Full Leather Sofa today and it was super comfortable.

The leather colour was nice and very soft and comfortable to touch.

The legs took quite sometime to install but for the comfort and price, we have no regrets in buying this full leather sofa.

Compared to our previous IKEA sofa that we are disposing to throw, the leather feels thicker and warmer to touch which we liked.

Eugene Tan
Minimalist sofa

Minimalist sofas are what we want. Somthing simple, neat and comfy. The Calm sofa caught our eye as the ideal piece of sofa for this purpose. We are happy that it met all our expectations and is very comfortable.