Sofa Material Selection

Our sofas offer lasting comfort for 5 - 10 years.

This is supported by our thorough selection process for all the key materials that make up our sofas.

Our Fabric

We use polyester blends with cotton, linen and acrylic in our sofas.

These blends have the advantages of both man-made and natural fibers:

  • Polyester: durable, easy to clean and wrinkle resistant
  • Cotton: soft and breathable providing high comfort
  • Linen: have a natural luster and smooth to touch
  • Acrylic: resistance to sunlight, low moisture absorbency and fast drying
Selection of polyester blends used in our sofas

In addition, we only choose fabrics that record > 15,000 rubs under the Martindale test to ensure that our sofa can last for > 5 years of normal daily use.

This rub count is a key indicator of fabric durability as shown in the table.

Rub count Average lifespan Use case
< 10,000 < 3 years Suitable for decorative purposes
10,000 - 15,000 3 - 5 years Suitable for occasional use
15,000 - 25,000 5 - 8 years Suitable for everyday use
> 25,000 > 8 years Suitable for heavy duty use

Our Leather

We use top grain cow leather with a pigmented finish that is comfort, durable and easy to maintain:

  • Top grain leather: soft, smooth and cooling to touch, has great durability and strength
  • Light pigment finish: stain and water resist, making our sofas easier to maintain

We do not use split leather, bonded leather or faux leather for contact areas of the sofa. These materials are likely to break down in < 5 years with regular use and provide less comfort.

Selection of top grain leathers used in our sofas

Our Cushion

We use high-density foams that weigh >= 45kg/cbm (density) in our cushions. We also ensure that total combined thickness for our foams in our seat cushion is >= 11 cm.

As a result, our cushions can undergo 100,000 pressure tests without any obvious signs of deformation.

This selection ensures that our cushions can last > 10 years. The common relationship between foam density, thickness and cushion lifespan is as shown in the table.

Average lifespan
28 8 2 - 3 years
28 11 3 - 5 years
32 11 5 - 10 years
38 - 45 11 > 10 years

Foams used in our cushions also offer the following benefits:

  • Safe for everyday use with no volatile organic compound emissions
  • Flame-retardant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Environmentally friendly

We do not use pocket coils as they are prone to poke through and sag over time under normal wear and tear.

3 layers of foams used in seat cushions for our sofas

Our Frame

We use kiln-dried solid larch wood in our sofa frames.

It is one of the strongest coniferous species in the world with the following characteristics:

  • Density >= 650kg/cbm
  • Air-dry density within 0.51g/ccm - 0.69g/ccm

Before use, it is treated to be more durable and resistant against mold and cracking in the following ways:

  • Kiln drying at 70°C - 80°C for 7 consecutive days to bring moisture content within 10% - 14%
  • Anti-insect, antifungal and anti-termite treatment

Combined, this ensures that our frames can last for > 10 years without any form of deformation.

Solid larch wood used to construct our sofa frames

Our Suspension

We use 5mm thick carbon steel zigzag springs for our sofa suspension. Each pair of zigzag springs can support a weight of up to 75 kg.

This ensures optimal support throughout the entire sofa for the user for > 5 years.

To further enhance the stability of our sofas, we also add webbing, twine and silent clips to extend the lifespan of zigzag spring.

  • Webbing: Made of polyester and nylon to provide elasticity and support
  • Twine: Made of durable ropes to ensure the stability of the spring system
  • Silent clips: Made of steel and resins to reduce noise and vibration from the springs
5mm thick steel manganese zigzag spring used in sofa suspensions