Collection: Leather Sofas

Our half leather and full leather sofas are made with top grain cow leather that are durable, soft to touch and easy to maintain.

    Customize the sofa width and leather colours to fit your living room's style and design.

    Our Leather Sofa Buying Guide

    What are the benefits of leather sofas?

    We believe that the following are some of the key benefits for our top grain leather sofas.


    • Allergy sufferers often do better with leather sofas
    • Leather does not harbour dust mites and other allergens compared to fabric


    • A leather sofa can lend a certain elegance to a room that is hard to replicate in fabric
    • For contemporary or modern look, leather sofas appear sleeker and more high-end compared to most fabric sofas


    • Leather is very easy to clean requiring light dusting a couple of times a year
    • If taken care of properly, leather is durable and can last for decades
    • However, it should be conditioned consistently to prevent cracks and splits

    What are the different types of leathers?

    If you have been shopping for a leather sofa for quite sometime now, terms such as full grain, top grain leather should not be unfamiliar to you.

    All our sofas are made with top grain leathers, which we believe offers the best in terms of durability and affordability. Read on to find out why.

    On the market, there are two broad ways to name leathers.

    Naming based on the layer of cow hide that the leather is made from

    • Full grain leather: Made from the outermost layer of the cow hide. Only cow hides that do not have excessive scars will be used for making full grain leather.
    • Top grain leather: Made with the outer layer of cow hide. However, the outermost layer with scars are cut to get rid of imperfections.
    • Split leather: Made from the lower layer of cow hide.
    • Genuine leather: Leather made with any layer of cow hide can be called genuine leather. Confirm with the retailer exactly what it is before committing to a purchase.

    In general, cow hides at the outer layers have tigher fiber weave and are more durable compared to inner layers. They are the layers that have to withstand against the elements.

    If you are looking for a sofa that can last for 5 years or more, go for top grain leather or full grain leather sofas.

    The difference between top grain leather and full grain leather is mostly in terms of availability of cow hide that can be used for making them. Knocks, scratches and mosquito bites that are hard to prevent can all cause scars to appear on the cow hide. These cow hides are not able to be used in full grain leathers. This scarcity causes full grain leathers to be more expensive than top grain leathers.

    Naming based on the type of dyes used for finishing

    The purpose of finishing is to give the leather a specific colour and shine. There are 3 common finishing types:

    • Full aniline leather: Aniline dyes are translucent and water-soluble. This type of dye does not block out the natural markings, scars, and wrinkles in the hide. Because of this, only full grain leather is used to make full aniline leather.
    • Semi aniline leather: Semi aniline leather applies an additional thin layer of oil based coating (pigment) on top of water solution aniline dyes. This makes the leather more scratch and stain resistant compared to full aniline leather. Both full grain leather or lightly scarred top grain leather can be used to make semi aniline leather.
    • Pigmented leather: An oil based coating containing pigments are applied to the leather. This provides the leather with scratch and stain resistance. Pigmented leater is also the most widely used leather finishing process in the leather industry.

    The downside of full aniline leather is that scratches are easy to happen.

    If you are looking for a sofa that shows the cow hide in its most natural form, full aniline leather is the one to go for.

    However, if ease of maintenance is an important consideration factor, go for leathers with pigment or semi aniline finishing.

    What are the sizes of your leather sofas?

    At Cozylant, you are less restricted on the type of sofa that you can select to fit your room.

    For all our sofas, we provide a range of width options for you to choose. In addition, you can also raise specific width customization requests if our options do not fit your space.

    So, there is no need for you to make a compromise between design and size when you buy your sofa from us.

    Our available sofa widths options range from 180cm to 311cm and are available in the following configurations:

    • 2 seaters/ loveseats: 180cm, 192cm
    • 3 seaters: 200cm, 220cm, 222cm, 226cm, 240cm
    • 4 seaters or above: 260cm, 262cm, 311cm

    Our sofa selections all offer sizes for 2 seaters and 3 seaters. These are the most common choices for HDB and condominium units in Singapore.

    What type of colour should I choose for my sofa?

    Our leather sofas offer a wide range of colour options such as white, beige, grey, brown, blue, green and black.

    It is important to choose a colour that matches your home's colour scheme to ensure harmony.

    Still, below are some guides that can assist you in your colour selection.

    Neutral tone colours such as grey, beige and blue

    • Versatile and can blend in with any room decoration's colour scheme
    • Timeless colour scheme that never goes out of style


    • Bold and luxurious, bringing depth and colour to any style of living room


    • Work better with netural shades such as grey, white and beige
    • Recommended for rooms with lots of whites, including white walls to strike the right balance


    • Fits into any style, from rustic to traditional
    • Also mixes well with woods and other natural materials


    • Versatile and can pair well with almost anything
    • Creates a dramatic look when paired with black or dark wood furnishings
    • Also looks great when styled with warm colours

    Why should I buy my sofa from you?

    We offer stylish sofas made with quality materials that have many options for customization (width, material and colour).

    As our sofas are made to order, we do not carry any inventory costs. These savings are passed on to you. A higher % of what you pay goes toward the quality materials used in making your sofas when you buy from us.

    Combined, we aim to provide you with a sofa that:

    • Is custom made for your home: fits your home's style and dimensions
    • Has no compromise between quality and cost: keeps our sofas affordable despite using premium materials
    • Is cozy and comfortable: provides you with lasting comfort for years to come

    How does your price compare to competitors?

    Sofa prices vary a lot on the market. Some sofas cost <$500 whilst others cost >$5,000. Three key factors explain for this wide divergence.

    1 - Materials used

    • Type and quality of materials used impact on the sofa price
    • Use of premium materials for fabric, wood and springs can cost 5 times more than cheap materials

    2 - Construction and craftsmanship

    • Sofas crafted with attention to detail takes longer to build leading to higher manpower costs
    • These steps include adding corner blocks to sofas to ensure stability and conducting inspection at key stages of the sofa manufacturing process

    3 - Brand and reputation

    • Established brands charge a higher markup to cover higher branding costs

    We do not seek to offer the cheapest sofa available.

    Instead, we offer price competitive sofas made with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.