Table Material Selection

Our table sets can last for 5 - 10 years under regular use.

This is supported by our thorough selection process for all the key materials that make up our table sets.

Solid Wood Table Top

For wood tables, we use kiln dried solid wood with moisture content <14%.

Key features:

  • More durable compared to plywood and medium density fibreboard table tops, solid wood is a homogeneous material instead of plys of wood veneer glued together
  • Dimensionally stable with moisture content <14%, less likely to crack due to variations in environment's humidity
  • Natural wood grains that is unique for each table, instead of repetitive synthetic wood grain due to use of laminates
Comparison of solid wood vs plywood

Sintered Stone Table Top

We use sintered stone table top at least 11mm thick further supported by plywood base of 21mm thick

Key features:

  • Sintered stone is an engineered stone product made by fusing multiple minerals together using heat and immense pressure
  • It is a hardwearing non-porous composite stone slab with a Mohs Hardness Scale of 7, meaning that it is resistant against knife scratches
  • It is more heat resistant, scratch resistant and stain resistant compared to other stone table options such as marble or quartz
Taylor sintered stone white table top


Use of enhanced 304 stainless steel screws:

  • Less likely to rust and degrade overtime
  • Thicker in diameter with a stronger binding force
enhanced stainless steel screws