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Explore our selection of stylish dining chairs available in solid wood and stainless steel options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your price compare to competitors?

Dining chair prices vary a lot in the market. For the same design, some charge $100 per chair whilst others charge $500 chair.

This variance is explained by the following:

  • Markups to cover fixed costs
  • Quality of materials used
  • Construction and craftsmanship

We offer competitive prices for chairs of good quality:

  • No additional markups for retail space and inventory, our chairs are shipped directly from the factories to you
  • Use quality materials for all key components for a chair such as backrest, chair set and chair legs
  • Strict selection of manufacturers that follow manufacturing best practices and use advanced machineries

To provide further assurance to our customers, we provide a 1 year warranty coverage that takes effect on the day of delivery.

Key components of a chair such as its structure, mechanism and hinges are all covered.

How long would your chairs last?

Our chairs are expected to last for more than 5 years under regular use when properly maintained.

This is backed by our strict criteria on the quality of materials used to build the chair frame. Only solid wood or stainless steel are used in the key stress areas to ensure its durability overtime.

What are the sizes of your dining chairs?

Our chairs follow the standard measurements across the industry for dining chairs:

  • Seat height: between 42cm - 48cm
  • Seat depth: between 40cm - 45cm
  • Overall width: between 40cm - 50cm

These ensures that it is comfortable to sit on them to dine or work on the dining table.

In addition, it also ensures that they can be pushed in nicely under most dining tables when not in use.

When would I get the dining chair after order confirmation?

As our dining chairs are shipped directly from manufacturers' warehouse in China, we need 3 - 5 weeks after order confirmation to deliver your table.

This is because it takes:

  • 1 week for production if the factory does not have ready stock
  • 2 weeks for shipping from China
  • 2 additional weeks for contingencies such as production bottlenecks or shipment delays