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Guide to Sofa Selections

Sofa Size

The sofa size is important for where it will end up and the spaces it will go through to get there.

Key things to take note:

  • Ease of delivery: make sure either the depth, width or height of the sofa is smaller than the width of your door
  • Right size: the sofa should not overwhelm the room and should fit the number of people you plan to accommodate if space allows


How will the sofa be used have a major say on the sofa's size, shape and comfort level.

Consider the following:

  • Who will be spending the most time on it?
  • Do you use the sofa to work, study or watch TV more?
  • Do you plan to sleep on the sofa?

Upholstery Materials

Upholstery materials is closely related to a sofa's ease of maintenance, comfort and durability

Key upholstery types:

  • Leather: durable and easy to clean, especially full grain and top grain leathers
  • Natural fibers: more breathable and soft but can easily soak up stains and spills
  • Synthethic fibers: more durable and shrinks less after wash compared to natural fibers
  • Pet friendly fabric: has tight weave that makes it scratch resistant against pets
  • Stain & water resistance fabrics: ideal for families with kids and frequent spillers

Upholstery Colours

Apart from matching your home's style, colours also affect the type of maintenance required.

Key considerations:

  • Darker colours: dusts are more obvious, regular wiping or vacuuming is required
  • Lighter colours: stains are more obvious, greater efforts for stain removal is required

Sofa Seat

The sofa seat's dimension and firmness need to match your lifestyle.

General rule of thumb:

  • Loungers: deep seats (>= 60cm) with medium to medium soft seat cushion
  • Traditionalists: standard depth (<60cm) seats with medium to medium firm seat cushion

Sofa Leg

Height of sofa legs can greatly impact how it blends in with the room.

Key considerations:

  • High sofa legs: useful in small spaces, seeing more floor space gives illusion of a larger room
  • Low sofa legs: make the sofa appear more like part of the architecture of the room

Sofa Arm

Thickness and height of arms have a major impact on overall style and comfort.

Key considerations:

  • Arm height: low arms are ideal for resting your head, high arms provide more support when you lounge or sit on the sofa
  • Arm thickness: thin arms provide more seating space, thick arms can be used to place your coffee cup or laptop
  • top grain cow leather used for our sofas


    Top grain cow leather with tight fiber weave

  • high quality polyester blend fabrics used for our sofas


    >15,000 rub counts for all our fabric

  • sofa cushion made from high density foams


    >45kg/cbm high density foam used in cushions

  • solid wood sofa frame enhanced with corner blocks


    Solid larch wood used for key stress areas

  • Sofa width customizations


    Craft the sofa in the exact size based on need

  • Sofa upholstery colour customizations


    No restrictions on choice of colours to choose from

  • Pet friendly fabric for upholstery

    Pet Friendly Fabrics

    Choice of pet friendly fabrics for all fabric sofa & sofa beds

  • Water and stain resistant property for pet friendly fabric

    Stain Resistance

    Stain & water resistance treatment for all fabric sofas & sofa beds

Cozylant Advantages

Why should I buy my sofa from you?

We offer stylish sofas made with quality materials that have many options for customization (width, material and colour).

As our sofas are made to order, we do not carry any inventory costs. These savings are passed on to you. So, a higher % of what you pay goes toward the quality materials used in making your sofas when you buy from us.

Combined, we aim to provide you with a sofa that:

  • Is custom made for your home: fits your home's style and dimensions
  • Has no compromise between quality and cost: keeps our sofas affordable despite using premium materials
  • Is cozy and comfortable: provides you with lasting comfort for years to come

How does your price compare to competitors?

Sofa prices vary a lot on the market. Some sofas cost <$500 whilst others cost >$5,000. Three key factors explain for this wide divergence.

1 - Materials used

  • Type and quality of materials used impact on the sofa price
  • Use of premium materials for leather, fabric, wood and springs can cost 5 times more than cheap materials

2 - Construction and craftsmanship

  • Sofas crafted with attention to detail takes longer to build leading to higher manpower costs
  • These steps include adding corner blocks to sofas to ensure stability and conducting inspection at key stages of the sofa manufacturing process

3 - Brand and reputation

  • Established brands charge a higher markup to cover higher branding costs

We do not seek to offer the cheapest sofa available.

Instead, we offer price competitive sofas made with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.