Our Sofa Construction

Our sofas are built to offer lasting comfort for more than 5 years.

This is supported by our emphasis to only partner with quality focused factories in making our sofas.

  • The cut solid wood are stapled together to form the sofa frame

    1 - Constructing the Frame

    Kiln-dried solid larch wood is cut based on sofa requirements. Screws and staples are used to connect the wooden pieces to form the frame. Corner blocks are then added to make the frame more secure.

  • The zigzag springs and webbings are attached to the sofa frame as suspension

    2 - Installing Suspensions

    5mm thick carbon steel zigzag springs are installed to offer seat comfort. For a 2.0m sofa, about 8 - 10 zigzag springs are used to act as support and evenly distribute weight across the sofa.

  • Foams are then added to the frame to form the seat and back cushions of the sofa

    3 - Adding Cushions

    High density forms, fibers and down are used to create the seat and back cushions. Our seat cushions are >13cm thick and made with 3 layers of foams with varying hardness to optimize seat comfort.

  • The fabric is cut based on sofa dimensions and then sewn together using Durkopp Adler sewing machines

    4 - Preparing the Upholstery

    Fabric and leather are cut and sewn together. Industry leading Dürkopp Adler sewing machines are used to get straight stitching lines. Precsise laser machines are also used in fabric upholstery cutting.

  • The sewn fabric are them stapled to the frame to form the upholstery of the sofa

    5 - Assembling the Sofa

    Frame, seat cushions, back cushions and sewn upholstery are assembled together. We adopt industry leading tools and processes to ensure that sofas are assembled properly and are less prone to defects. 

  • Post assembly, the sofa is inspected for its dimensions

    6 - Inspecting the Sofa

    Inspections are conducted during key production steps to reduce defects. A comprehensive inspection is also conducted at the end to ensure the sofa's stability, comfort and stitching quality.