Water & Stain Resistance Treatment

For customers who are concerned about ease of maintenance for fabric sofas, we offer water and stain resistance treatments for all fabric selected before they are upholstered.

After treatment, the fabric becomes more water and stain resistant so you are less worried about accidential stains and spills.

Illustration of Treatment

How it Works?

  • The selected fabric used to make the sofa is soaked thoroughly in a chemical formula for 1 day and then dried before being upholstered
  • This creates a hydrophobic (water reistant) and oleophoic (oil resistant) coating where water droplets and oils droplets roll off the treated surface instead of wetting and staining it
  • There is a lower the chance of liquids penetrating the sofa fabric, giving you more time to clear accidental spills and stains
  • Combined with regular vacuuming of the sofa to remove dust, this treatment makes it easier for you to maintain the fabric sofa in pristine condition for years to come

How Hydrophoic and Oleophobic Coatings Work?

  • The degree of wetting once the fabric comes into contact with liquid is determined by complex molecular interactions between the fabric surface and liquid
  • If the liquid is more attracted to the fabric molecules than its own liquid molecules, wetting happens with a wetting angle lower than 90°
  • If not, the liquid molecules organizes themselves into a droplet creating more liquid surface tension, a tighter droplet and a wetting angle greater than 90°
  • Oleophobic property generally requires a higher wetting angle compared to hydrophobic property
Surface angle of liquid with surface for hydrophilic, hydrophobic, oleophobic and nonwetting surfaces

Concerns to Take Note

  • The fabric colour as a result of treatment might appear a bit duller and the fabric a little be a bit harder to touch