Delivery, Storage & Disposal Policies

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Delivery Policy

Delivery time and order status

  • Delivery after order confirmation depends on the furniture type:
    • Dining sets such as tables, chairs and benches: 3 - 5 weeks
    • Sofa: 4 - 6 weeks
  • If there are expected delays due to constraints in production capacity or delivery availability, we will notify you asap once we have confirmation from the factory
  • We will notify you via WhatsApp for the following delivery updates:
    • Your order has been produced and its look on the factory floor (only for sofas)
    • Your order has reached our Singapore warehouse
    • Your order is loaded onto our delivery truck and is on the way over to you
  • Our standard delivery timing is from Monday to Friday, between 9:00am to 6:00pm, excluding public holidays
  • If you require a delivery timing outside of our standard delivery timing, do reach out to us via WhatsApp to discuss and we will try our best to accommodate your request

Delivery coordination

  • Once your order is confirmed, we will contact you to confirm if you need us to hold your order
  • Once your order has reached the Singapore warehouse, we will contact you to arrange the delivery time slot
  • On the actual day of delivery, the following will take place:
    • We will WhatsApp you in advance before arriving at your address
    • Our delivery partners will wait at the door for maximum of 30 mins before proceeding with the next delivery and you have to reschedule the delivery with us at a fee

Delivery rescheduling

  • There is no rescheduling charges for time or address changes if you contact us via WhatsApp 1 day before delivery
  • However, we charge a 10% order value rescheduling fee if we are unable to complete the delivery due to the following reasons:
    • You are not present during the delivery
    • You gave us a wrong delivery address
    • Your building management prevents us from entering your compound

Delivery Services

  • All our deliveries includes the following services:
    • Moving the furniture to your home
    • Unpacking the furniture
    • Assembling the furniture
    • Removing all packaging materials post assembly

Delivery and Assembly Charges

  • All our deliveries and assemblies are Free with no additional charges for any furniture you buy from us

Staircase Charges

  • We charge an additional staircase service fee of $20 per level per item if the delivery team needs to carry the furniture up the stairs to complete the delivery and assembly process
  • Please contact us in advance via WhatsApp if you need staircase service before the planned delivery date and complete payment

Storage Policy

Storage Charges

  • After order confirmation, do let us know when you need the furniture
  • If you only need delivery more than 3 months after order confirmation, we will time production so that the furniture spends minimal time in the warehouse (reducing risk of mold growth) before it gets delivered to you
  • If you face unexpected renovation delays and is unable to receive furniture immediately after the furniture has arrived in our local warehouse, please inform us via WhatsApp in advance
  • We can provide up to 1 month of free storage from the date when your order arrived our Singapore warehouse
  • After the 1 month’s free storage period, we charge a 5% order value storage fee per month

Disposal Policy

Disposal Service & Charges

  • For HDB owners, we strongly recommend you to do disposal service yourself as the town council provides free furniture disposal service
  • We can help you with disposal of your old furniture at $50 per item
  • Additional staircase charges will apply if the furniture have to be carried down the stairs at $20 per level per item