Sofa Factory Partners

We work with experienced Chinese manufacturers that have strong credentials and experience selling overseas

  • Have over 20 years of experience
  • Targets mid to high-end customer segments
  • Experience collaborating with established brands in China and overseas
  • Use cutting-edge machinery and efficient processes to minimize defects and material wastage
  • Selective use of higher than industry average materials in terms of durability and comfort
  • Sofa design IP application

    Design IP Certifications

  • Work safety & green products

    Green Products & Work Safety

  • SGS  and Intertek fabric inspection company

    Intertek & SGS

    Fabric durability inspections

  • CKT and CTI leather inspection firms

    CTI & CKT

    Leather durability inspections

  • Our fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified and free from harmful substances


    No harmful substance certification

  • Wood used in our sofas are sustainably forested and FSC certified


    Sustainably forested certification