Payment Methods

Checking out online is not the only way to pay us. We also accept other forms of payments.

Recommended Way to Pay: Checking Out Online via Credit Card or Debit Card

The easiest method to pay is by checking out directly with credit card online.

This is the recommended form of payment for most of our customers that are:

  • Purchasing one of our default options or,
  • Only doing minor customizations for colours and widths that are within the ranges provided by our default options

For example:

  • Calm fabric sofa costs $999 for the 180cm width option and $1,089 for the 200cm width option
  • Customer wants to: (i) customize the width to 190cm, (ii) fabric colour to light brown and (iii) add water and stain resistance treatment
  • We do not charge extra for customizations but we follow the upper range prices
  • So, in this case, we will charge $1,089 for the customization order, in exact, 200cm pricing for the 190cm customization request
  • Get in touch with us to discuss about your specific customization requests and checkout using one of our default options
  • We will follow up with an invoice within one working day after payment explictly stating your customization requests for avoidance of ambiguities 

Alternative Method to Pay: Using other forms of payment

However, there may be situations where it is better to pay us via other forms of payment:

  • Customization cost is higher than our most expensive default options when (i) sofa width required that is longer than all our default option or (ii) upholstery selected for use is more expensive compared to our default upholstery option

Get in touch with us via WhatsApp to learn more about how to use other forms of payment for payment.

Last updated: 4th November 2023