Fabric Sofa Bed Colour Customization

Your are not restricted to our selection of colours for fabric sofa beds. We welcome customization requests for colours for each of our fabric sofa bed to cater to your exact design needs.

Steps to Raise Customization Requests: 

  • Contact us to discuss about your specific colour customization requests for a sofa bed design
  • Send us your own preferred colour pattern or refer to our list of alternatives below
  • Post confirmation, we will discuss the possibilities for such customizations with our manufacturers
  • We will revert within 1 working day on the possibility and costs for customization request
  • If you agree to proceed, production will start once payment is done
  • Your customized fabric sofa will be delivered to you within 4 - 6 weeks after order confirmation
  • Candy sofa bed white boucle fabric

    White (existing)

  • Candy sofa bed beige fabric

    Beige (existing)

  • Pet friendly fabric in light grey

    Light Grey

  • Pet friendly fabric in green

    Light Green

  • Pet friendly fabric in dark green

    Dark Green

  • Pet friendly fabric in brown


  • Pet friendly fabric in orange


  • Pet friendly fabric in black


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  • ciabatta fabric sofa bed swatch white

    White (existing)

  • ciabatta fabric sofa bed swatch beige


  • ciabatta fabric sofa bed swatch grey


  • ciabatta fabric sofa bed swatch green


  • ciabatta fabric sofa bed swatch blue


  • ciabatta fabric sofa bed swatch black

    Dark Grey

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  • White (existing)

  • Pet friendly fabric in beige


  • Dark Brown

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  • White (existing)

  • moss 09 fabric swatch


  • moss 20 fabric swatch


  • moss 40 fabric swatch


  • moss 43 fabric swatch

    Light Brown

  • moss 47 fabric swatch

    Dark Brown

  • moss 68 fabric swatch

    Dark Green

  • moss 70 fabric swatch

    Light Blue

  • moss 95 fabric swatch


  • moss 78 fabric swatch


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  • White (existing)

  • Beige

  • Light Brown

  • Dark Brown

  • Dark Green

  • Red

  • Black

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