Collection: White Sofas

Explore our selection of white fabric and leather sofas. They can add elegance to any space and being neutral, blends in well with any decor. 

Sofa width customizable to exactly match your living room needs.

Our Sofa Buying Guide

Why buy a white sofa?

White colour sofas are elegant and contemporary that can work in both casual and formal room settings. White sofas will naturally brighten up any space, make it feel more lively and open.

Below, we list some of the key benefits of white sofas.

White sofas are sleek and contemporary

A white sofa offers a crisp and sharp look. They are naturally minimalist, making them the perfect fit for contemporary rooms. Also, they provide the perfect canvas to start decorating a room from. This means that you are not restricted just to minimalistic designs. Instead, they give you the freedom to build up the room in any colours and styles that you like.

White sofas are elegant

A white sofa is chic and stylish, providing a crisp look in any space. The sharp contrasts that they bring create a sense of power and refined taste. This unique power provides white sofas a classic and timeless look that can provide a backdrop for your room for years to come.

What colours work well with a white sofa?

White sofas, when paired well with other colours, creates an inviting and spacious atmopshere.

Below, we list some of the popular colour combinations that work well with white:

  • Blue: Blue symbolizes peace, calm, serenity, and sensitivity. A white and blue combination creates a clean and relaxing feel. These two colours work so well together that they make it easy to bring in other colours.
  • Black: Black evokes sophisticiation and traps space whilst white evokes innonce and open space. This colour combination is timeless and elegant, yet clean, crisp and contemporary.
  • Red: Mixing red with white in your decor is the perfect way to make a bold statment. The white can make the red feel less overwhelming.
  • Brown: Brown and white are both timeless and classic colours. When you combine them, you can warm up a space and create the perfect mix of earthy tones with varying shades of brown and white.
  • Green: Pairing green with white seems to be always work. White when paired with green can make a space feel deep and moody or fresh and clean.
  • Yellow: If you want a room to feel sunny, bright and playful all at the same time, a white and yellow combination is the way to go. The yellow scheme brings energy to any space, whilst the white foundation will help to ground the room.
  • Grey: White and grey are both neutrals. When you combine these colours, you get a colour palette that is sophisticated, cool and far from boring. This is a colour combination that can work in any room size.

Why should I buy my sofa from you?

We offer stylish sofas made with quality materials that have many options for customization (width, material and colour).

As our sofas are made to order, we do not carry any inventory costs. These savings are passed on to you. A higher % of what you pay goes toward the quality materials used in making your sofas when you buy from us.

Combined, we aim to provide you with a sofa that:

  • Is custom made for your home: fits your home's style and dimensions
  • Has no compromise between quality and cost: keeps our sofas affordable despite using premium materials
  • Is cozy and comfortable: provides you with lasting comfort for years to come

How does your price compare to competitors?

Sofa prices vary a lot on the market. Some sofas cost <$500 whilst others cost >$5,000. Three key factors explain for this wide divergence.

1 - Materials used

  • Type and quality of materials used impact on the sofa price
  • Use of premium materials for leather, fabric, wood and springs can cost 5 times more than cheap materials

2 - Construction and craftsmanship

  • Sofas crafted with attention to detail takes longer to build leading to higher manpower costs
  • These steps include adding corner blocks to sofas to ensure stability and conducting inspection at key stages of the sofa manufacturing process

3 - Brand and reputation

  • Established brands charge a higher markup to cover higher branding costs

We do not seek to offer the cheapest sofa available.

Instead, we offer price competitive sofas made with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

What are the sizes of your sofas?

At Cozylant, you are less restricted on the type of sofa that you can select to fit your room.

For all our sofas, we provide a range of width options for you to choose. In addition, you can also raise specific width customization requests if our options do not fit your space.

So, there is no need for you to make a compromise between design and size when you buy your sofa from us.

Our available sofa widths options range from 180cm to 311cm and are available in the following configurations:

  • 2 seaters/ loveseats: 180cm, 192cm
  • 3 seaters: 200cm, 220cm, 222cm, 226cm, 240cm
  • 4 seaters or above: 260cm, 262cm, 311cm

Our sofa selections all offer sizes for 2 seaters and 3 seaters. These are the most common choices for HDB and condominium units in Singapore.

How long would your sofas last?

Built with quality materials and superior craftsmanship, all our sofas are able to last for more than 5 years.

We are confident about the quality of our sofas. All of them come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty for sofa frame, suspension and foam.