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Oasis Washable Rug

Oasis Washable Rug

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Colour: Beige
Rug Dimensions: 200cm x 140cm
Configuration: Rug Cover & Rug Pad
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Rug Details

Rug feature highlights for Oasis_rug_beige



Width: 200cm

Depth: 140cm

Total pile height: 1.4cm

Rug cover pile height: 0.4cm

Rug pad pile height: 1.0cm

Rug Size Guide

Rug dimension recommendations for living room, bedroom and dining room


Rug cover composition: 100% polyester

Rug pad composition: 98% polyester and 2% silicone

Washing Guide

When it's time for wash, simply remove the rug cover from the pad and throw it in the washing machine.

Washing instructions for Oasis Washable Rug


If defects happen within the warranty period, we offer free like for like replacements.

Warranties coverage: 1 year warranty

Please visit our warranties page for fuller details on the claim process, what is covered and what is not covered under warranty.

Rug Cover Inspection

Oasis washable rug swatch close up view

STS Fabric Inspection Results:

  • Colour fastness due to water (GB/T 5713-2013): 4/5
  • Colour fastness to perspiration (GB/T 3922-2013): 4/5
  • Colour fastness to wet and dry rubbing (GB/T 3920-2008): 4/5
  • Determination of banned AZO colourants (GB/T 17592-2011): None detected

Fabric is resistant against colour fastness due to water, sweat and use overtime.

Caring for Your Rug

With the right approach and level of care, rugs can kept in top condition for a long time.

Things to take note during everyday use:

  • Do not pull any threads and instead snip loose ends with scissors instead
  • Rotate your rugs every half a year to even out the process of wear and tear, especially if your rug receives direct sunlight
  • If you need to store your rug, ensure that the rug is clean and dry first and stored in a ventilated and dry area

Cleaning requirements

  • Vacuum once a week at most to reduce damage to rugs due to vacuum
  • Use low to medium suction when vacuuming your rug
  • Avoid using attachments with brushes or any abrasive accessories which may harm the rug fibres
  • During wash, set to cold wash on gentle cycle and also tumble dry with low spin speed
  • Do not use any form of bleach on the rug


We welcome additional customizations to both dimensions and design to tailor the rug to fit your space's exact needs.

Reach out to us to discuss about potential customizations you would like for your rug.

Available Customizations

  • Dimension

    Rug Dimension

    Customizable to any size, depth capped to 200cm

  • Design

    Rug Design

    Customizable to any design colour and pattern

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