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Browse through all our dining table set collections made with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Choose the table design you, then mix and match the chair and benches to form your tailored dining set.

Cozylant Advantages

Why should I buy my table from you?

We offer stylish table made with quality materials at affordable prices.

As we do not carry any inventory costs, we can pass these savings are passed on to you. So, a higher % of what you pay goes toward the quality materials used in making your tables when you buy from us.

How does your price compare to competitors?

Table prices vary a lot on the market. Some tables cost <$200 whilst others cost >$1,000. Three key factors explain for this wide divergence.

1 - Materials used

  • Type and quality of materials used impact on the table price
  • Use of premium materials such as solid quality and stainless steel screws vs cheaper materials such as plywood and carbon steel screws can cost up to 5x more

2 - Construction and craftsmanship

  • Tables crafted with attention to detail takes longer to build leading to higher manpower costs
  • These steps include adding corner blocks to tables to ensure stability and conducting inspection at key stages of the table manufacturing process

3 - Brand and reputation

  • Established brands charge a higher markup to cover higher branding costs

We do not seek to offer the cheapest table available.

Instead, we offer price competitive tables made with high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.