What Sofa is Good for a Family with Kids?

What Sofa is Good for a Family with Kids?

In Singapore, it is common for families to have kids or pets. If the kids or pets are not that naughty, you can consider leather sofa (explore our top grain leather sofa collections link). Top grain leather with pigmentation is preferred as it needs minimal maintenance. Better avoid oily wax leather or suede leather as they are usually more expensive and also not easy to clean and maintain.

Why Top Grain Leather Sofa is Preferred vs Faux Leather Sofa for Kids?

Actually faux leather is also a good choice as it is waterproofed and stain-resistant. If children happen to spill the beverage or food on the sofa, you can simply use a dry rag to wipe it out. PU, PVC, microfiber leather are all different types of faux leather. However faux leather has poor performance in some areas:

  • Breathability as usually a relatively thick coating is used for faux leather
  • Safety as faux leather can contain chemicals or toxins that might not be safe for children
  • Durability. Faux leather is less resistant in scratches, wear and tear vs top grain leather
  • Comfort as top grain leather tends to be more comfortable to sit on vs faux leather

So top grain leather is a better choice combining both durability, comfort, safety and breathability.

Top grain leather sofa or faux leather sofa?

Why Top Grain Leather Sofa is Preferred vs Fabric Sofa for Kids?

Fabric sofa is also comfortable and breathable however it requires more effort in cleaning and maintenance.

Leather is easy to clean; spills and messes can be wiped off quickly, making it a practical choice for households with kids. Fabric, on the other hand, can absorb spills and may require more extensive cleaning. If you have a fabric sofa in your home, you should buy a fabric cleaner or fabric cleaning machine.

Leather doesn't trap dust mites and pet dander as easily as fabric does, which can be beneficial for families with allergies.

Top grain leather sofa or fabric sofa?

Why is a High Density Foam Sofa Better for Kids vs Pocket Coil?

It is unavoidable that kids will be bouncing and jumping on the sofa. So high density and high resilience foam is a preferable approach as it is more resilient and durable, able to withstand the wear and tear from children’s activities.

Kids need proper support without feeling like they are sinking into the sofa. High density foam can provide better support than lower density alternatives.

Pocket coil spring is another popular choice among sofa retailers. However we are not recommending it as pocket springs can sometimes create uneven or bouncy spots on the sofa, which may not be ideal for kids playing.

So high-density foam is generally a more practical and reliable choice for households with kids due to its durability, stability, safety, and comfort aspects.

High density foam vs pocket coils

What Kind of Sofa Frame is Preferred for Kids?

Solid frames, such as oak, maple or beech are highly preferred for households with kids, as they are sturdy and can withstand the weight and activity of children. It is less likely to warp or break compared to softer woods or engineered wood.

Sofas with metal frames are another durable option. If the cushion is removable and replaceable, it is also preferred for kids the cushion gets dirty overtime.

Whatever frame material you choose, ensure that the joints are reinforced with dowels, screws, or corner blocks to ensure safety.

Metal frame sofa or solid wood frame sofa?
In summary, we recommend a top grain leather sofa with high density foam supported by a sturdy solid wood frame for a family with kids in Singapore.
Top grain leather, high density foam and wood or metal frame is our top pick

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Practical Tips to Maximize Top Grain Leather Sofa's Lifespan

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight can lead to fabric fading and deterioration. Place your sofa away from direct sunlight or use curtains to shield it.
  2. Rotate and Reverse Cushions: Evenly distribute weight by regularly rotating or reversing cushions. This helps prevent excessive wear on specific areas.
  3. Avoid Jumping or Standing:  Discourage jumping, standing, or using the sofa as a trampoline. Excessive weight can strain the frame and cause structural damage.
  4. Regular Cleaning Routines:
    • Spot Cleaning: Address spills and stains promptly by blotting with a clean cloth. Avoid rubbing, as it can spread the stain.
    • Fluff and Flip Cushions: Maintain the shape of your sofa by regularly fluffing and flipping the cushions.
  5. Professional Cleaning and Conditioning: If stains are stubborn, consider professional cleaning and conditioning services to restore your sofa's original beauty.
Looking to dive deeper into care tips? Head over to our preferred sofa cleaning service partner Cleanshade's blog for more insights. Plus, as a cozy touch, all Cozylant customers can indulge in exclusive pricing for their top-notch sofa cleaning and conditioning services.

    Last updated: 30th Aug 2023

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