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Taylor Sintered Stone Dining Table

Taylor Sintered Stone Dining Table

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Dimensions: 120cm x 80cm - Sits 4 comfortably, compact for 6
Colour: White
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Table Details

Key features for product for Taylor Sintered Stone Dining Table

Table Dimensions

Key product dimensions such as depth, width and height for Taylor Sintered Stone Dining Table

Table Top Thickness

Table top composed of 1.1cm thick sintered stone supported by 2.1cm thick plywood base

Durable Table Structure

Table apron made with solid poplar wood with cross beam that offers extra support

Non-toxic Surface

Non toxic surface that does not absorb bacteria and is safe for direct food contact

Stain & Spill Resistant

Non porous sintered stone table top that is stain and spill resistant, making it easy to maintain overtime

Heat Resistant Surface

Able to withstand high temperatures, eliminating the need for coasters and table mats

Scratch & Cut Resistant

Scratch and cut resistant surface that can be used as a chopping board

Impact Resistant Surface

Impact resistant surface that does not crack easily due to external force

Smooth Table Edges

Smoothened tables edges that is comfortable for resting your arms against

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Capacity: Sits 2 - 4 people comfortably, compact for 6 people

Width: 120cm

Height: 75cm

Depth: 80cm

Table top thickness: 1.1cm sintered stone and 2.1cm plywood base

Leg diameter: 2.8cm

Leg to leg width: 110cm

Table apron height: 65cm

Recommended Space Requirements

Recommended space requirements


Table top material: Sintered stone with plywood as additional base support

Leg frame material: Stainless steel

Finish: N/A


If defects happen within the warranty period, we offer free like for like replacements.

Warranties coverage: 1 year warranty

Please visit our warranties page for fuller details on the claim process, what is covered and what is not covered under warranty.

Caring for Your Sintered Stone Table

When taken care of, our wooden tables can last for a long time.

Things to take note during every day use:

  • Reduce usage of soap for cleaning table top as regular use may leave soap residue on the surface
  • Spills and dirts on sintered stone table tops are best cleaned up using hot water
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners and placing rough or sharp objects on the surface
  • Avoid pulling or dragging metal kitchenware directly on the surface
  • Do not use any cleaning solutions with PH value greater than 11 to clean the surface

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