Areas We Do Not Deliver To

We do not provide delivery to the following locations:

Postal code Location
Whole area Airport Boulevard
Whole area Airport Cargo Road
Whole area Airline Road
Whole area Jurong Island
Whole area Khusu Island
Whole area St John's Island
Whole area Pulau Ubin
Whole area Pulau Tekong
Whole area Rifle Range Compound
149373 Queenstown Remand Center
417902 Kaki Bukit Prison School
478937 Singapore Prisons Quarters
498834 Tanah Merah Prison
596472 Police KINS Training Camp
506969 Changi Prison Complex Cluster B
507709 Changi Prison Complex Cluster A
509862 Changi Air Base (West)
609271 ASL Shipyard
609273 PPL Shipyard
619110 Jurong Port
628398 Tuas Naval Base
629122 Jurong Shipyard
637607 Tuas Power Station
639937 Tuas Checkpoint
698956 Tengah Air Base
759945 Admiralty West Prison
759957 Sembawang Prison