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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your price compare to competitors?

Rug prices vary a lot in the market. For the same design, some charge $100 whilst others charge $1,000.

This variance is explained by the following:

  • Markups to cover fixed costs
  • Quality of materials used
  • Construction and craftsmanship

We offer competitive prices for rugs of good quality:

  • No additional markups for retail space and inventory, our sofas are made to order
  • Use quality materials that can last for 5 years and more
  • Strict selection of manufacturers that follow manufacturing best practices and use advanced machineries

To provide further assurance to our customers, we further provide a 1 year warranty for all our rugs against defects

How long would your rugs last?

Our rugs are expected to last for 3 years or more under regular use.

This is backed by strict inspection results against all forms of colour fastness.

  • Colour fastness due to water (GB/T 5713-2013): 4/5
  • Colour fastness to perspiration (GB/T 3922-2013): 4/5
  • Colour fastness to wet and dry rubbing (GB/T 3920-2008): 4/5

What are the sizes of your rugs?

Our rugs are digitally printed and this means that both the dimensions (up to max of 200cm for one side) and the colour patterns for the rugs are fully customizable.

How do I raise customization requests?

Contact us via WhatsApp to discuss about your customization needs.

Post that, we will revert with a price quote:

  • If the price is the same as one of the default options: make payment online via one of the default options and we will issue invoice with your exact customization requests to your email
  • If the price is higher than one of the default options: we will share with you alternative payment options for your specific order such as bank transfers or payment via payment links